A True Lady - She was a pirate princess, wild and untamable as the sea.
by Edith Layton
ISBN: 0671883011 Simon & Schuster

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With her sunset hair and flashing mocha eyes, Cristabel Stew is a rare jewel for any man. But for Old Captain Whiskey, the most notorious sea dog of the Caribbean, his daughter is more precious than the richest swag of gold and silk. When he brings back a proper English gent from his latest plunder, his plan for her future seems secure. The prized captive is none other than Magnus Titus Snow, Viscount of Camcen Hall, a blue-blood with wealth enough for a freebooter's ransom. In a hasty ceremony, Captain Whiskey weds the unwilling nobleman to his spirited brigand lass, making her Lady Cristabel Snow -- a TRUE lady.

But Cristable, too, has a scheme. Raised among cutthroats, she has vowed never to surrender to any man. She will sail back with her new spouse as far as London. Then she will bid him and her pirate life farewell, and seek her fortune as a free woman. But, in a moment's breath, the dream is dashed. For her reluctant husband reveals a secret of his own, a surprising and scandalous truth that will turn her father's heart as black as his sins... and draw her into the arms of a dangerously seductive man she will not, dare not, love...

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From the Critics

Exciting action-packed tale with a fresh, innovative story line. Colorful characters, danger, sizzling passion, and crisp dialogue add an interesting dimension to the smooth and well-written tale. You'll definitely know who is a true lady at the end. A pleasure to read.

Kristina Wright - The Literary Times
Charming! Edith Layton writes a marvelous tale! A True Lady is truly special. Fast-paced and humorous, it carries you along on a whirlwind of emotion. Romantic! A wonderful "opposites attract" love story. Ms. Layton delights her readers once again with characters that are larger than life. Fans of Edith Layton will be thrilled with her newest story. A most memorable tale!

Affaire de Coeur
An action-packed, exciting Georgian romance. Christobel is a great lady, and Magnus... is a classic English hunk. The supporting cast is all first-rate as they add spice to the tale. Fans of the genre will enjoy the reading experience.

Very funny, touching, and highly recommended.

Helen Holzer - Atlanta Journal
Delightful...Great plot twists...I want to meet the hero! He's handsome, witty, and the epitome of a romantic lead.

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