Surrender to Love - The Driving Conclusion to the Love Trilogy by Edith Layton
ISBN: 0451159128 Penguin Group (USA)

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Julian Dylan, Viscount Hazelton, has come a long way, literally, since his debut in Love in Disguise. Then he was an impoverished nobleman who had to drive a coach on the Brighton Road to earn his livelihood. Now he's come home from across the Atlantic to help a young girl he'd befriended in The Game of Love. But Miss Eliza Merriman is no longer a young girl and wants much more than his friendship. She knows how difficult it will be to capture him. For now Julian is not only the handsomest lord in England but also wealthy, a prize women would do anything to win.

There are many obstacles in Eliza's path. Her captivating cousin Constance, aristocratic society's most celebrated beauty, and her sensible friend Anthea, who was everything that a man could seek in a wife. There is a race to see if Julian can discover his heart, as well as overcome the very real obstacles on the Brighton Road that threaten to thwart him at the last.

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From the Critics
M. Helfer - Romantic Times
The awesome talent of Edith Layton has never been more brilliantly on display than in this sumptuous finale to her acclaimed trilogy of love in Regency England.

Ms. Layton delivers a stunning portrayal that looks beyond the fantasy of the Regency hero to the inner heart of the real man. Writing with subtle sensuality, lush elegance and, above all, a transcending grace, Ms. Layton elevates the Regency novel far above the genre norm. 4+

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