A Regency Christmas Present - The Last Gift
by Edith Layton
ISBN 0451198778 Signet

In this heartwarming collection of all-new, original Regency stories, five bestselling authors share the one gift that lasts all year round: the gift of love.

Fairy tales can come true - they can happen to you - or can they?

Bored, lately returned from the wars and already sated with Town life and insincere ladies on the catch for a husband, handsome Skylar, the new Lord Cameron, is looking for a quiet place where he can gather his wits and live in peace a while. His friend Robert knows the very spot for him - his country home, in the wilds of remotest Wales. The only problem is it's so remote he fears his friend will run mad there. In his own childhood, he remembers his closest neighbors were unknown - in a castle concealed by an overgrown barrier of thorn bushes that never let him take a closer look.

It sounds perfect to Skye. After he arrives in Wales, the tedium sets him exploring. He discovers the castle. But there's nothng mysterious about it, it's open to him. And the girl of his dreams lives inside.

But is the beautiful, unworldly Mirabelle only a dream? Or is she a Christmas wish come true?

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