Regency Christmas Eve - The Christmas Thief
by Edith Layton
ISBN 0451201671 Signet

Celebrate the most joyous of seasons with these delightful stories of holiday romance from five of today's best-loved Regency authors. Each tale is set on Christmas Eve, capturing the season's true spirit of charity and goodwill-and proving time and again why love is the greatest gift of all...

"On the day before Christmas, Lt. Major Maxwell Evers rose early, as was his habit, washed, dressed with care, and went out to steal a Christmas present."

Lt. Max Evers is a hero beset by fortune. The war has ended, he has left His Majesty's service and returned to England after hard years abroad, thinking to finally live in comfort because his investments have prospered and he is finally a rich man. But on the packet home to London, he picks up a newspaper and discovers that the man he invested his fortune with has lost everything and fled England. All Max's plans are overthrown. His plans for marrying his beloved Lizabeth. His plans for helping raise his late brother's daughter. His whole future, in fact. He has to give up everything he's dreamed of, but he doesn't want his niece to suffer. She's coming to London to live with him. And it's almost Christmas Day. If he can give her nothing else, he must find her a present.

Max's earnest hopes of becoming a thief are also beset with problems. Embarking on a life of crime, he finds he can't do anything wrong!

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