Love in Disguise - Two Faces of Love
by Edith Layton
ISBN 0451149238 Penguin Group (USA)

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Miss Susannah Logan felt very fortunate to have not one but two gentlemen shepherding her through her first London season.

One was the cynical and brilliant Mr. Warwick Jones, whose wit and wealth gave him free entry into society and whose pretended scorn for women was matched only by the sensual intensity of his passion for them.

The other was the handsome and honorable Julian, Viscount Hazelton, whose fierce desire for an unobtainable beauty had led him to financial ruin but could not mar his irresistible, godlike good looks.

Warwick Jones and Julian were good friends until they took the inexperienced Miss Logan in hand...each leading her on a different path of love and passion toward a decision that threatened to intoxicate her flesh...and yield her ripe innocence to the one man whose tantalizing nearness she could no longer resist.

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From the Critics
Melinda Helfer - Romantic Times/Rave Reviews

For Historical buffs in search of excellence, the hunt stops here with this superb foray into Regency England. And what finer guide through those glamorous yet perilous years could you possibly have than the gifted pen of the fabulous Edith Layton?

The engimatic Warwick Jones is one of the great heroes of Regency fiction. Beneath his indolent exterior lies a passionate heart encompassing all the virtues of the era - intense yet understated loyalty, grace under pressure and an indomitable will to win. This quintessential hero commands our respect with his strength and subtlety, elevates our intellect with his wit and totally wins our hearts with his tenderness and vulnerability.

Regency aficionados have been waiting a long, long time for this book. Although there have been great historical romances with this setting, this spellbinder sets a new standard of excellence with its impeccable craftsmanship. Weaving a glimmering tapestry of incredible richness, Ms. Layton captures the heart and soul of the Regency era in this exceptional novel. A romance guaranteed to appeal to a wide variety of tastes, this gem of a book will also earn Ms.Layton permanent vouchers to Almacks from the most exacting of Regency fans.

Publisher's Weekly
Rich in detail, this regency romance captures the spirit of the era.

Susannah Logan experiences London's Season in hopes of catching a titled husband. Her entrance into Society is guided by two men: Julian, the Viscount Hazelton, and Mr. Warwick Jones, a popular wit. Susannah is overwhelmed by her two companions, especially Julian, whose looks are dazzling. However, Julian has his beautiful eyes set on someone else, and Warwick, who is not so pleasing in appearance, has abandoned the notion of finding true love.

There is much fun here as these three charming characters sort out their emotions and discover who really loves whom.

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