Love For All Seasons A Captivating Quintet
by Edith Layton
ISBN 0-451-17232-9 Signet

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Felicia, a beautiful innocent faced with the passion of an irresistible rake. Adela, unable to forgive her husband for what he has done to her. Bronwen, forced to choose between a proper marriage and an impossible desire. Marjorie, an unpolished heiress who becomes the target of society's most jaded gentleman. Rachel, a wife who finds that the marriage game is played with shocking rules in high society.

Five enchanting heroines in five dazzling tales, strung like jewels on a single narrative thread. Five new triumphs by the one and only Edith Layton.

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From the Critics
All of these stories are captivating. As soon as I was through, I reread them again, then read again the ones I liked the most. They are, in order, excellent, tense, strange, riveting, warm. Wonderful characters with the continuing theme makes for excellent reading. A real keeper.

Romantic Times
NAL leads off with a very special treat from the superb Edith Layton, who collects five loosely related short stories under the umbrella title, A Love for All Seasons (4+). All the stories are highly original, both in character and thematic material, but "Autumn Leaves" in particular is sheer magic. This absolutely marvelous reading experience belongs in a place of honor on everyone's bookshelf.

Vera Feig - Affaire de Coeur
This is a delightful book! It is a series of short stories that intertwine with each other. Each of these stories has a particular season as part of the setting, a wonderful change of pace, one that Regency fans will enjoy.

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