Linked Books

Readers who follow Edith Layton's work know that many times certain characters have been known to re-appear in other stories. Those books are listed below.

Eagle-eyed fans are encouraged to let us know if we've forgotten anyone -- because fictional people are people too!

All of the Regencies are linked in some way - often by cameo appearances of former heros and heroines. And sometimes a character from one of these books will appear in one of the Signet's Christmas novellas! But Edith likes to leave it up to you to find them, like easter eggs she has hidden.

Love in Disguise
Game of Love
Surrender to Love

The Gilded Cage
The Silvery Moon

Linked Books
How to Seduce a Bride
Gypsy Lover
Alas, My Love
The Return of the Earl
The Duke's Wager
The Disdainful Marquis

The next books Edith likes to refer to as the "'C' Series" from Avon & Harper Collins. They can be read independently but have some recurrent characters. For example, a character introduced in one book as a minor player is the hero or heroine of the next.

The Cad
The Choice
The Chance
The Challenge
The Conquest
To Wed a Stranger
To Tempt a Bride

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