Game of Love - Passion's Tempting Odds
ISBN: 0451153979 Penguin Group (USA)

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Francesca Wyndham knew the folly of gambling. She had seen her father, Lord Syndham, lose the family fortune, forcing her to become a plain chaperone to an empty-headed young Miss.

But now Francesca was taking a gamble even her father would have blanched at. She was falling in love with the irresistible Arden Lyons, a gentleman who was clearly anything but a gentleman when it came to winning what he wanted, whether a hand of cards, a test of strength, or a lady's favors.

She knew nothing about this man except that she wanted him from the moment she saw him...and though his past was a dark mystery, his motives for choosing her over other seductive or wealthy young beauties were even more mysterious. Still, Francesca dared to pit her innocence against Arden's expertise -- in a game where passion took all...

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From the Critics
Melinda Helfer - Romantic Times

Fans eagerly awaiting the second book in the trilogy begun by Love in Disguise will not be disappointed in this touching love story of a society misfit whose gallantry and compassion finally win him his heart's delight.

Connoisseurs will revel in the richness of Ms. Layton's prose, even though the pace of this book is a little slow until the main characters return to England. It is this last section of the book, when the Lyon tries to demonstrate his unworthiness of his lady love, that generates an emotional intensity that touches the soul. Not even the hardest heart will be able to resist the appeal of this very special Regency hero. Bon appetit.

Barbra Critiques, Ltd.
Intriguing characters and setting catch you up in another great story from a proven Regency author. Watch for the story of Julian Dylan and Eliza Mary Merriman.

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