False Angel - The Libertine Lord...and the Lady
by Edith Layton
ISBN: 0451138562 Signet

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Lord Joscelin Kidd, Marquess of Severne, was the handsomest and most charming nobleman in London -- and the most notorious. Not only had he been divorced under shocking circumstances from a young and innocent bride, but since that disastrous event he had shown no scruples -- and met no refusal -- in conquering beauty after beauty.

The lovely Lady Leonora Talwin had heard all the stories about him and understood them only too well, having seen from her womanizing father's example how base and brutish men could be. Never, she vowed, would she fall victim to a rake like the scandalous Severne.

But if Leonora thought she knew all too much about men, she knew far too little about her own foolish heart to daunt this lord who feasted on such feminine frailities...

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From the Critics
Melinda Helfer
October is a month to celebrate with Signet. Regencies including another quality work from Edith Layton. False Angel (4+) is an utterly fascinating character study of two cousins interested in the same rakish lord. Absolutely no one has created and disguised a more perfect scheming adventuress than Ms. Layton. Unusual twists abound to keep the reader continually guessing up until the last moment. Fans will be happy to encounter several of the characters from earlier books as well. Ms. Layton has truly established herself as a master of the genre.

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