The Duke's Wager - Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Edith Layton
ISBN 0451120671 Signet

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Lovely Regina Berryman was pursued by two men -- the two most attractive and infamous bachelors in London.

One was Jason Thomas, Duke of Torquay, whose skill and success in seduction had made him a legend of lordly licentiousness. The other was St. John Basil St. Charles, Marquis of Bessacarr, the devilish Duke's only rival as the foremost rake of the realm.

These notorious gentlemen had made Regina fair game in a competition where all was considered legitimate strategy in winning her affection and capturing her virtue. And Regina's only chance of preserving her honor and protecting her heart was to turn the tables on her titled tempters -- and change the dallying way Regency London played the game of love...

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From the Critics
Melinda Helfer - Romantic Times/Rave Reviews

An enduring classic that belongs in every romance reader's collection.

A beautiful heroine, a dashing rake and a sizzling love story -- what reader could ask for more?

A brilliant landmark in the dazzling career of Edith Layton, one of the romance genre's greatest storytellers.

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