The Disdainful Marquis & The Abandoned Bride
Two novels bound as one both by Edith Layton
ISBN: 0451206282 Signet

The Disdainful Marquis
Miss Catherine Robins takes a position as companion to the Dowager Duchess of Crewe little suspecting she will have to please the gentlemen who surround her new employer - especially the infinitely attractive and thoroughly notorious Marquis of Bessacarr. This proper young lady has to fight not only the marquis's audacious advances but her own unsettling responses if she hopes to prove her love is more precious than his gold.

The Abandoned Bride
Abandoned by the man she eloped with, Julia Hastings has her virtue intact, but her reputation among the ton is in tatters. Determined to defend herself against rogues who consider her easy prey, Julia vows to trust no man - even devastatingly handsome Lord Nicholas Daventry. But if Julia has learned how dangerous blissful ignorance is in matters of the heart, she has yet to discover what folly it is to be too wise.

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